Professional Debt Settlement Companies: Recognizing When Their Services Are Required

Tuesday, September 3, 2013
Once upon a time, when debts became too much to handle, lenders turned the screw and claimed compensation by seizing collateral, or the borrower declared himself bankrupt and thus avoided having to make payments they could not afford. Today, there are other options, and professional debt settlement companies can work apparent miracles in lowering debt.

The whole idea behind settling a debt is that the task of clearing existing debts becomes much more affordable and efficient. However, there are tricks to the achievement, with not simply anyone able to secure a good deal. Remember, creditors want all the money owed to them, if possible.

So, at what point does it become obvious that the services of a professional firm are needed to negotiate a good debt settlement agreement, and finally end the financial nightmare that repaying spiraling debts actually is.

Knowing Professionals Are Needed

So, when does it become apparent that professional debt settlement companies are needed? And exactly how worthwhile is seeking a settlement anyway? Well, a settlement is hugely useful when the size of the existing debt is so great that meeting repayments is becoming impossible.

A settlement means that the creditors accept a certain percentage of the actual debt in return for writing off the remainder. For example, if $50,000 is owed, then a settlement could see just $25,000 paid with the creditor seeking no further payment. However, clearing existing debts in this way has its negative side too.

Any debt settlement agreement is going to be noted in a credit report, and it will see the credit score of the debtor increased. This is because the full amount of the debt is never paid. Credit scores are improved only when a debt is repaid in full.

Knowing The Time Is Right

There are 4 key situations that tell a borrower that they need help in taking control of their debts. Since professional debt settlement companies take control of your finances, the move can mean some severe consequences, but the outcome should make it worthwhile.

Amongst the situations is when your own attempts to cut back on spending and apply strict budgets seem to always fail. Discipline is hugely important, but clearing existing debts can be extremely difficult when the situation is already in chaos. When someone else is enforcing austerity measures, then it becomes impossible to give in.

A second situation is where your own efforts to negotiate a debt settlement agreement with creditors are clearly failing. Creditors can be extremely stubborn, but hiring a professional to represent your cause can mean the debt is slashed to as little 30% of the actual figure.

The most obvious situation that would suggest the services of professional debt settlement companies are needed is when the original plan is causing more stress than anything else. Sometimes the sum owed is not the problem, but the debt repayment schedule itself. Clearing existing debts in one go is the best way around the problem, while the advice garnered from your dedicated representative will ensure your consumer rights are known too.

Finally, another situation where a debt settlement agreement is the best option is when the debt repayments themselves are too much to meet. This is especially true when dealing with credit cards, when one or two months missed payments push the minimum required payment very high.

What should be remembered, however, is that the terms of the debt settlement agreement are essential to make it worthwhile. This means deals need to be carefully examined, not jumped at.